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Kamtronix Automation began its journey in 2019 after years of manufacturing experience. Our aim is to become the leading manufacturer of CNC and automation machinery in India. We have a variety of products ranging from CNC Engraving machines ,Mini VMC and Special Purpose Machines(SPM).

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Helical Spring Life Cycle Testing Machine

Helical Spring Life Cycle Testing Machine

Kamtronix Automation is a leading manufacturer of Helical Spring Life Cycle Testing Machines, known for their cutting-edge technology and reliability. These machines are crucial for ensuring the durability and performance of helical springs used across various industries. But why is testing these springs so important, and what makes Kamtronix a leader in this field? Let’s find out.

Kamtronix’s helical spring life cycle testing machines simulate real-world conditions by repeatedly compressing and extending springs, testing their durability and performance.

In the automotive industry, helical springs are critical for suspension systems. Kamtronix machines ensure these components meet rigorous quality standards.


Kamtronix Automation specializes in the design and manufacture of high-precision Helical Spring Life Cycle Testing Machines. These machines are essential for evaluating the durability and performance of helical springs by simulating real-world conditions. Known for their advanced technology, precision, and user-friendly interface, Kamtronix's testing machines ensure accurate and reliable results.

Special Note

With user-friendly interfaces and customizable options, our testing machines cater to diverse industry needs, from automotive to aerospace. Trust Kamtronix for unparalleled quality, exceptional support, and innovative solutions in spring testing technology.

Advanced technology ensures efficient and effective testing processes.

SPM Machine Manufacturer in India

Designed to accurately assess the durability and performance of torsion springs.

Precise and reliable results for quality assurance and product development.

Ideal for automotive, aerospace, and industrial applications.

User-friendly interface for easy operation and data analysis.

Robust construction ensures durability and long-term usage.

Kamtronix Automation specializes in designing, manufacturing, and supplying high-quality Special Purpose Machines (SPMs) tailored to meet specific industrial requirements. These machines are customized to perform unique tasks or processes efficiently and accurately.

  • Special Purpose Machines (SPMs) are custom-designed machines engineered to perform specific manufacturing tasks with high precision and efficiency. These machines are tailored to meet the unique requirements of a particular production process, offering enhanced productivity and quality control.
  • Kamtronix Automation caters to a diverse range of industries, including automotive, electronics, pharmaceuticals, packaging, FMCG, and more. Our SPM solutions are adaptable to various manufacturing environments, offering flexibility and versatility.
  • Kamtronix Automation stands out for its commitment to innovation, precision engineering, and customer-centric approach. We leverage advanced technologies and industry expertise to deliver SPMs that optimize production efficiency, enhance quality, and reduce downtime.

Yes, Kamtronix Automation has the capacity and expertise to undertake projects of varying scales, from small-scale prototypes to large-scale industrial installations. Our robust infrastructure, skilled workforce, and project management capabilities enable us to deliver turnkey solutions efficiently and effectively.

Kamtronix Automation offers comprehensive after-sales support to ensure the smooth operation and maintenance of its SPMs. Our team of experienced technicians provides training, troubleshooting assistance, spare parts supply, and ongoing technical support to maximize machine uptime and productivity.


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