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At Kamtronix Automation we design and build machines as per our client requirements (customized or SPM machines) to increase productivity, efficiency ,worker safety and quality of the product. Automating the process.

We build machines which are unavailable in the market specially for you.  

Few of Our Projects

Electrical Socket Screw Assembly Machine

Electrical Socket Screwing machine for screwing the socket and body together, Auto torque shut off after the required torque is achieved.

Car Seat Polythene Manufacturing / Polythene Welding

Automatic Polythene welding or fusion machine for car seat polythene manufacturing. High Speed , Low welding time, able to achieve desired welding shape, user friendly , Automatic and manual mode

Juicer Mesh Jali Coupling Grooving

To cutout the inside of plastic jali of juicer for coupling grooving. Production 500 to 900 pc/Hour. Cutting depth of all 3 work stations can be adjusted as per requirement. For perfect and sustainable grooving

Twisted Wire Cutting and Tapering Machine

Twisted wire cutting and tapering machine for wire from 1.5 to 4mm as per requirement. Fully Automated

Security Seal Testing Machine

Security Seal Testing Machine for testing seal strength at multiple loads from 100kg to 300kg.Seal wire from 1.5 to 5mm.

Torsion Spring Life Cycle Testing Machine

Torsion Spring life Cycle Testing Machine. Automatic stops upon spring Failure. Fully Automated

Rim Lock Testing Machine

Rim Lock or tribolt Testing machine to test the life cycle of lock knob, key and bolt. Automatic stops on over torqueing and key breakage.

Helical Spring Life Cycle Testing Machine

Helical Spring Testing Machine for maximum load up to 100kg and machine will auto stop upon spring breakage or spring compression shrinkage.

Motor Rotor Assembly

Motor Rotor assembly machine for juicer or home appliance industry. Can be customized for any industrial motor manufacturing. All Parameters are adjustable as per requirement.

Eelctric Wire Twisting Machine

wire Twisting machine for faster production, strong connections. for home appliance industry, medical industry ,automobile industry and others as applicable. Maximum wire size twistable is

Motor Fan Loading and Pressing

SPM for Motor Fan Loading for faster production can be equipped with automated vibratory feeder for automated cartridge refilling.Pressing stroke can be adjusted as per requirement

Multi Drilling

Multiple drilling system can be attached to any vertical drilling machine and can be used for variable drill sizes custom made as per drawing.

Pneumatic Motor Bush Pressing

Motor Bush Pressing Machine using Pneumatic cylinder for faster production and accurate results

Polythene Pocket Welding

Polythene welding to fuse or weld to polythene for car seat covers polyethene's or appliance industry. Any shape of welding can be achieved

Automatic Bolting 

Screw or Hex Bolt, Bolting machine can be customized for variable bolts and different kinds of body structure with adjustable torque to increase efficiency and productivity. Applicable industries: Home Appliance, Automobile, Aeronautics, Hardware, Toy And many others

Screen Printing Machine

Automatic Screen Printing machine for glass, plastic, cloth, wood and other printable materials to increase productivity and reduce man power.

Wire Inserting and Bending machine

Efficient way of inserting the wire to produce seals to increase productivity

Pneumatic Press

For small load forming applications pressure up to 2000kg. Economical solution for low force power press components

CNC Glass Radius Grinding

Fully Automatic, CNC Glass Corner Radius Grinding and Polishing Machine for 3mm to 40mm thickness Glass from 2 to 80mm corner radius. Straight or Pencil Edge as per requirement.

Glass Drilling Machine

Fully Automatic, Glass Drilling Machine for 3mm to 40mm drilling to 2mm to 20mm thickness glass

Automatic Iron Rope Twisting and Length Cutting Machine

Fully Automatic, GI Rope Length Twisting and cutting machine for sealed ends from 1.5mm to 5mm diameter wire

Automatic Fenner Strip Cutting 

To cut the Fenner strip into desired length and desired ends with faster productivity and retaining the quality of the strip to be used in toys pull back or timers as spring.

Semi-Automatic Soldering Machine

A portable and fast solution to solder wires,PCB, Plastic body Terminals. Speed, Temperature, soldering wire length can be adjusted as per process requirement  

Counting machine

Product Counter

A portable and fast solution to their counting process while  packaging of filters 

Aluminium Butterfly Mould for pottery

Customized Pottery Moulds 

Designing of pop up pottery designer molds to provide the market with high finish decorative pieces.

Pottery Butterfly

Diaphragm Auto Stacking Project 

SPM Model

Stacking up of metalic discs of same sides, upon online cutting from the coil to save the stacking time and reduce rejection for further process of the disc

SPM Press Loading

Automatic Loading, stamping and ejection of lock lever to reduce human efforts, increase efficiency and safety of the workers. Algorithm based circuit breaker in case of accident detection to avoid damge to the system. Production :1000 lever/hour

SPM Wire Straightening and Length Cutting

Automatic Cutting of twisted steel wire of 0.8mm diameter.Desired Length, quantity , speed can be varied via HMI as per requirement

Sterofoam Cutter

Cutting up of Foam for toy dart using hot wire sterofoam cutter

Cosmetic Lipstick Brush Welding Machine

Sealing of Lipstick brush with the pipe to increase productivity efficiently and to enhance the quality

Paper Jogger

Paper Jogger to align the printed sheets into one stack, to get same design or pattern upon every sheet while cutting the whole stack

Semi-Automatic Twisted Wire Cutting and Sealing Machine

GI twisted wire semi automatic cutting and sealing machine using induction heating and anti rotation sealing process.

Cosmetic Bottle Cap (Plug) Pushing Machine

Plastic Cap Inserting machine into the bottle to reduce efforts and increase efficiency

Toy Car Wheel Assembly Machine

Toy car wheel assembly machine for faster production and proper assembly

Door Lock Handle Testing Machine

Lock Testing Machine to count the number of movements of handle and latch. Therefore, helping the manufacturers to know the flaws in lock design to improve quality

Toy Car Stear Wheel Assembly

Toy car wheel assembly machine for faster production and proper assembly

Robotic Arm Feeder

Snchronization of the power press ,vertical feeding system and robotic arm to feed the material into the power press to reduce human efforts, increase productivity and safety.

Toy Train Wheel Assembly

Toy train wheel assembly machine for faster production and proper assembly with sensors for the safety of the workers

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