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We began our journey in 2019 after years of manufacturing experience. Our aim is to become the leading manufacturer of CNC and automation machinery in India .We have a variety of products ranging from CNC Engraving machines ,Mini VMC and other custom robots or Special Purpose Machines(SPM) Machines.

Innovation and solution to your industrial problems remains our foremost priority. Consensus is that succeeding in today's business environment requires more than just growing sales and cutting cost. It requires continuously finding new and better ways of doing business. Better product, better services, better processes. But for innovation to truly thrive, it can't simply be a mandate from the top or once a quarter initiative .It has to be a part of company's culture, built into the fabric and DNA of the organization over time and supported by a defined ongoing process.

Thanks to the experience accumulated over the decades, seamless interplay of our mechanics and electronics designers and manufacturers, as well as modern machinery, we are able to offer extremely competitive high-quality products to our clients.

Problem: Manufacturing industries face challenges in meeting production targets, maintaining quality standards, and improving efficiency due to the limitations of existing machines and equipment. Current solutions are often expensive, inflexible, and require significant maintenance and downtime.

Solution: Our eureka moment came when we realized that by designing and building customized industrial machines, we could address the specific needs of each manufacturing industry and provide a cost-effective solution that improves production, quality, and efficiency. Our value proposition is unique and compelling because we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and design machines that are tailored to their specific requirements. Our machines are also designed to be modular and easily upgradable, ensuring that they will endure and remain relevant as technology advances.

Why now? The manufacturing industry is constantly evolving, and there is a growing demand for customized solutions that can address specific challenges. Advances in technology have also made it possible to design and build machines that are more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective than ever before.

Market potential: Our target market includes manufacturing industries across a range of sectors, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, and consumer goods. We believe that there is significant potential for growth in this market, as more companies seek to improve their production processes and remain competitive in a rapidly changing industry.

Competition/alternatives: Our direct competitors include other industrial automation companies that offer similar services. However, we differentiate ourselves by providing customized solutions that are tailored to each client's specific needs. Our modular design also allows us to offer more flexible and upgradable solutions than our competitors.

Business model: We generate revenue by designing, building, and selling customized industrial machines to manufacturing industries. 

Team: Our founding team includes experienced engineers and designers with a deep understanding of industrial automation and manufacturing processes. We also have a strong network of industry experts and advisors who provide additional support and guidance.

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